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    I’m pregnant or have a newborn. How should I choose the right Natural Response Nipple flow?

    We recommend starting with the nipple that comes on the bottle, and buying a couple of extra nipples with higher flows as well. It makes it easier to adjust if you need to.

    You might feel hesitant about giving your newborn baby a higher nipple flow, but keep in mind our new nipple responds to how enthusiastically or steadily your baby approaches drinking. Enthusiastic drinkers use a strong suction and compression while drinking, resulting in greater milk flow than a steady drinker, who uses moderate suction and compression. So, a newborn who drinks steadily might be more comfortable starting out with a higher nipple flow. Let your baby be your guide. The Natural Response Nipple is available in nipple flows 1 to 5.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SCY903/93 , SCD837/01 , SCY965/04 , SCY965/02 , SCY964/04 , SCY964/02 , SCY963/04 , SCY963/02 , SCY962/04 , SCY962/02 , SCY961/04 , SCY913/04 , SCY913/03 , SCY913/01 , SCY910/04 , SCY910/03 , SCY910/01 , SCY906/93 , SCY906/04 , SCY906/03 , SCY906/02 , SCY903/94 , SCY903/91 , SCY903/84 , SCY903/65 , SCY903/64 , SCY903/63 , SCY903/61 , SCY903/44 , SCY903/34 , SCY903/24 , SCY903/23 , SCY903/14 , SCY903/13 , SCY903/04 , SCY903/03 , SCY903/02 , SCY903/01 , SCY900/93 , SCY900/91 , SCY900/24 , SCY900/23 , SCY900/13 , SCY900/04 , SCY900/03 , SCY900/02 , SCD837/02 , SCD837/03 , SCD838/02 , SCD838/03 , SCD838/04 , SCD838/05 , SCD839/01 , SCD839/02 , SCD858/01 , SCY900/14 , SCY961/02 , SCY900/01 , SCY903/62 , SCY900/00 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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