blood pressure tracking

Upper arm blood pressure monitor

    Upper arm blood pressure monitor

    Connected blood pressure tracking

    The connected upper arm blood pressure monitor allows you to measure your blood pressure & heart rate. Syncs automatically to the free Philips HealthSuite health app so you can conveniently track your measurements over time. See all benefits

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  • Connected blood pressure tracking

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Before purchasing, please ensure your phone is compatible with our devices and HealthSuite health app.

Start measuring
Your blood pressure and heart rate

Instantly compare your blood pressure against the internationally recognized classifications by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Keep monitoring
your progress   

Automatically transfer your measurements to the Philips HealthSuite health app on your smart phone.

Stay motivated to
achieve your goals


You get step-by-step guidance and advice based on professional and medical guidelines to help keep you motivated. Empowering you to take the small steps to better health, at a pace that’s right for you.


Personal insights to inspire healthier habits

Our easy to use HealthSuite health app uses data from the Philips range of connected health devices so you can continuously monitor your vitals. Bringing you a comprehensive, dependable picture of your health, as well as personalized feedback and advice that you can follow at the pace that’s right for you.
Take the small steps

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