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    Bad breath? Relax

    Not much good ever comes from being stressed out. Besides leading to sleepless nights, stress can even result in bad breath. You know that dry-mouth feeling you get when you’re scared? Stress has the same effect. And a dry mouth in turn can cause bad breath. So here are four ways to take the edge off for a healthy, more relaxed life and as a result, better breath too. 

    Bad breath

    Don’t worry, be happy

    The world would be a happier place if we all smiled a little more; it would also be more relaxed too. That’s because according to research, smiling lowers your heart rate and therefore reduces feelings of stress. This even holds true for fake smiling.


    So next time you find yourself stuck in traffic, try to grin and bear it. Smiling at the sea of brake lights might not make the gridlock vanish, but it may help your stress disappear.


    The skill of doing nothing at all

    Meditation is arguably the definitive form of stress management. Drowning out your thoughts, distractions - basically the entire world - can reduce your levels of cortisol – your body’s stress hormone.


    But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Studies show meditation improves concentration, increases happiness and may even slow down the very process of aging. And the good thing is, meditation can be practiced anytime, anywhere. There are great apps available to help you get started. So hit the app store and get your Zen on.

    Comfort food

    No, put down that bucket of double fudge caramel cookie dough ice cream. We’re talking healthy snacks that boost your levels of serotonin, your body’s calming hormone. Leafy greens, fatty fish and yummy treats like pistachios and dark chocolate all have a deliciously soothing effect.


    Some studies even show dark chocolate may help prevent cavities as it slows down the growth of bacteria. That’s dark chocolate. Not the sugary, milky kind. So you can put down that candy bar, too.

    Let go

    Just like you should never go to bed angry, you shouldn’t go to sleep feeling stressed either. So if you’ve had a particularly aggravating day at the office, place a hot towel around your neck and shoulders for ten minutes before you go to bed. Close your eyes and relax your face, neck, shoulder and back muscles. Or even better - ask someone for a massage with your best puppy-eyed look.


    And there you have it; you can help counter bad breath by smiling, thinking about nothing, eating delicious snacks and getting massaged. A classic case of minimum effort, maximum result if we ever saw one.

    Random fact

    85% of bad breath comes from the mouth rather than the stomach or lungs.

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