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Portable fitness device

    Portable fitness device

    Activa knows you can

    Get the most out of your workout with the Philips Activa portable fitness device. Stay motivated with TempoMusic and get encouragement with Vocal Feedback. Monitor your progress against your long term goal with the intuitive software.

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  • Activa knows you can

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  • Activa knows you can

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Activa knows you can

Music, feedback and results to keep you going

  • TempoMusic to match your music with your workout pace

    What's a good workout without great music to match? With TempoMusic, you can move to the right music and beats to stay motivated during your entire workout. No mussing about with your library searching for music tracks. Just leave it to TempoMusic to automatically select suitable tracks that just keeps in perfect time with you … and your workout pace. Kick off your routine with a pumping rock hit, keep up your pace with upbeat pop rhythms and then cool down to a smooth ballad.

  • Vocal feedback to keep your workout – and stride – in check

    Get encouragement and important feedback on your workout – without breaking your stride! Vocal feedback provides status updates at regular intervals or on demand. Find out the calories you’ve burnt or the distance, time and pace covered – depending on your chosen workout or sport. Vocal Feedback keeps you in your groove and does not butt in to interrupt your music. You can also choose the voice-type to get you going: male, female, friendly or tough.

  • Instant workout monitor to give a sense of accomplishment

    Your Activa player has a smart Instant workout monitor function that records the activity data from your workout. Not only do you get immediate results of your performance but you also get a great sense of accomplishment. Using personal inputs like your age, weight and height, the monitor calculates the calories you've burnt and the time covered depending on your chosen workout. The information is then displayed instantly on your Activa screen after your workout. If numbers aren't your thing, check out the visual representation of how many chocolate bars you've offloaded during your workout.

  • Goal tracking on PC to monitor your long-term progress

    The various parameters of all your workouts are faithfully recorded by your Activa player so you can monitor your progress daily or over a year, month or week. The software application also lets you set your workout goals, for example how many calories you wish to lose or the distance you want to cover over a specific period. The data is then synchronized with your PC once you connect it to your Activa via USB, and you can view it on a fun and intuitive user interface. With all this info at your fingertips you can give yourself a gold star for your performance or set the bar even higher.

  • Smartload for easy transfer of workout songs to your Activa

    Fill your Activa player with a good mix of motivational workout music - easily and speedily - with Smartload. No more wasting time hunting through your entire music library for suitable music. Smartload's sophisticated algorithms quickly scan and match music according to your taste - all with the click of a button. First, choose the amount of music you want to upload: from 30% to 60% or even 90%. Next, the fun part - select a desired song so Smartload knows this is the type of music you'd like to keep you going in your workout, then click Sync and you're all set to go!

  • Compete against yourself to beat your last record

    Compete against yourself to beat your last record

    You know who your most formidable adversary is … yourself! Add a new dimension and challenge to your workout by competing with yourself and trying to beat your previous – or best – workout. Your Activa helps keep you on your toes by recording and comparing your previous and best workout scores. Not only that, it will prompt you with comparative updates via voice feedback during your workout so you can speed up, push on and stay ahead of yourself!

  • Clip and move - stylish and convenient

    Clip and move - stylish and convenient

    Nothing should get in the way of you and your workout. That's why your Activa player is cleverly designed to be clipped onto your attire securely and stylishly – whether you're wearing a winter sports jacket or a fine mesh top. It also makes it easier to make use of your player's No-look rocking lens function.

  • Comfy earhook headphones - your perfect workout companion

    Comfy earhook headphones - your perfect workout companion

    With your comfy and secure earhook Activa headphones on, you'll be all set to conquer any workout or terrain. These earphones are made from super-soft and flexible materials that fit well – even during long workouts – and feel good, so you can just focus on your music ... and your workout.

  • No-look rocking lens for intuitive control during workouts

    During any exercise, you may want to skip a music track ... but not your workout. With innovative No-look rocking lens, you will have full, intuitive control right at your fingertips. Hit the up, down, left and right keys to control your music or get vocal feedback on your current workout status. Then, just as easily, you can get back into focusing on your workout!

  • Fullsound™ to bring your MP3 music to life

    Philips' innovative FullSound technology faithfully restores sonic details to compressed MP3 music, dramatically enriching and enhancing it, so you can experience truly immersive music without any distortion. Based on an audio post-processing algorithm, FullSound combines Philips' renowned expertise in music reproduction with the power of the latest generation Digital Signal Processor. The result is fuller bass with more depth & impact, boosted voice and instrument clarity, and rich detail. Rediscover your compressed MP3 music in true-to-life sound that will touch your soul & move your feet.

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