LCD monitor

    LCD monitor

    Robust Display for Demanding Applications

    Control your costs with this rugged network-controllable 107 cm (42") LCD monitor. Whether used in a network, a tiled matrix or as a single public display, this model offers a variety of features to meet the most demanding applications See all benefits


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LCD monitor

107cm (42"), multimedia, WXGA BDL4221VS/00 Find similar products
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Robust Display for Demanding Applications

  • Wide format WXGA 1366 x 768 resolution for sharper display

    The wide format of XGA resolution LCD panel is capable of displaying 1366 x 768 pixels; WXGA allows monitors to be non-interlaced to ensure a better display performance and accurate color display effect.

  • Brightness automatically adjusts with ambient conditions

    The adjustment of display settings to correspond with ambient light without user intervention.

  • Robust metal bezel and metal backcover

    Specially designed for demanding public applications, the metal bezel offers higher durability and protection against vandalism. Annodized paint is used to offer extra protection of the bezel against scratches.

  • Security feature prevents unauthorized control

    The local controls of the display are placed in such a way that they are less visible for immediate access. Furthermore the remote control sensor and the keypad on the display can be disabled via RS232 in order to prevent unauthorized control of the display when placed in a public space.

  • Remote Management and Configuration via RS232

    Remote Management allows the user to control and adjust the displays remotely via the RS232 protocol. Using CEC commands, you are able to have full control over all the displays in your signage network at any time.

  • Enhanced zoom feature supports tiled matrix applications

    The internal zoom function enables easy implementation of a video wall matrix, without the need for expensive external equipment. Capable of many different configurations, creating a stunning video wall has become simplicity itself.

  • VGA loop through enables daisychaining to multiple monitors

    Multiple screen daisy chain effectively distributes control and visual content from a single source to an array of monitors in various locations within a site.

  • Portrait mode operability

    This display is also able to be safely and reliably mounted in portrait position.

  • Optional TV tuner

    An optional TV tuner can be ordered separately and installed by the user by simply plugging in the unit in a slot at the back of the monitor. When switching on the monitor the tuner will be recognized.

  • Intelligent power management for lower consumption

    Intelligent power management employs energy-efficient technologies in product design to reduce power consumption and significantly lower the total cost of ownership.

  • No permanent burn-in when static information is displayed

    Public displays often show static information which could cause ghost images (burn-in). By simply switching off/on the monitor these ghost images disappear fully.

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