Adtraxion manager

    Adtraxion manager

    Flexible and powerful software suite

    The Adtraxion Manager is a user-friendly software package to generate play out sequences, scheduling and distribution to the players. The modular architecture makes Adtraxion Manager future proof. See all benefits

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Flexible and powerful software suite

For Digital Signage applications

  • 10 Player License

    Maximum 10 Adtraxion players can be addressed

  • Content Push to Player and/or Pull from Player

    Content and play-out sequences can be pushed over a network to the Adtraxion Players or the Players can pull the content and scheduling data from the Adtraxion Manager at pre-defined times

  • Store and Play concept

    The Adtraxion system is based on a store and play concept. Content is sent from the Adtraxion Manager to the Adtraxion Player where it is stored on a harddrive and played out from this drive. Once the content is stored the network connection can be closed in order to save on connection costs.

  • Unicast and Multicast data distribution

    Data can be distributed via unicast which means that a connection is made with individual players in the network or via multicast where all players in the network are adressed simultaneously.

  • Distribution through any kind of TCP/IP network

    The Adtraxion system can use any kind of TCP/IP network for distribution of content and scheduling data. LAN, WAN, internet or even Satellite.

  • Easy installation procedure

    Installation of the Adtraxion software modules is made easy through the installation wizard

  • Network secure opration

    To prevent unauthorized network activites different levels of security are implemented. All components of the Adtraxion software suite are based on proprietary protocols. Also a proprietary encryption is implemented as well as dedicated firewall settings.

  • Userfriendly Graphic User Interface

    Navigation through the software is made easy by implementing a clear userfriendly Graphic User Interface

  • Low cost of ownership by optimized bandwidth usage

    When a new schedule is sent to the players it automatically checks which content is already stored at the player and which will be new. Only the new content from a schedule will be downloaded to the player saving bandwidth and time resulting in cost effective operation.

  • Handles all kinds of content

    The Adtraxion solution is compatible with the most standard content formats like Flash, Powerpoint and webpages (XML). Also still formats like jpeg, BMP and GIF as well as the video formats MPEG 1-2, WMV and the audio formats MP3, WAV and WMA

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