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    Sturdy fiber-composite cone for all-weather performance

    Sturdy fiber-composite cone for all-weather performance.

    Thick magnet rubber boot protects against mechanical damages

    Ferrite magnets are vulnerable to shake and mechanical damage when subwoofers are placed near the car trunk. A thick rubber boot is wrapped around the magnet in the Philips car power subwoofer to absorb external shock and damage, ensuring you of a stable magnetic field and quality sound performance for long-term music enjoyment.

    High-density composite cone for deep bass boost

    High-density composite cone for deep bass boost.

    Endurance and performance stability in extreme conditions

    Endurance and performance stability in extreme conditions.

    Dual voice coils for wiring flexibility

    There are many car amplifiers and subwoofers on the market, available in a variety of resistance ratings. Dual voice coils give you increased wiring flexibility so you can get the most out of your car stereo system. With an extra set of voice coils and connector plugs available, connection in a 2-, 4- or 8 ohm configuration (depending on the resistance rating) is fast and easy. Connect up a second subwoofer for twice the bass or maximize the power performance of your car amplifier.

    Butyl rubber surround for maximum smooth response

    Highly responsive butyl rubber connects the woofer diaphragm to the speaker frame to form a surround suspension system. When a sound signal reaches the cone inside the woofer, the stiff yet elastic butyl rubber surround assembly keeps the cone in position, protecting it from strong upward or downward force that may occur when the signal is strong. By doing so, the woofer can withstand the surge of powerful beats and deliver a smooth bass response with a minimum of distortion even from a small speaker.

    Strong ferrite magnet for high power performance

    Ferrite is a lightweight but strong material with a permanent and coherent magnetic field. It is the key speaker component that induces the movement of the voice coil and the diaphragm. When an input signal is received, the voice coil acts as an electromagnet that causes the woofer and tweeter diaphragm to either attract or repel. The ferrite magnet produces an even magnetic field for smooth diaphragm movement, ensuring sound output with lower distortion. Using such a stable and highly coercive magnet like ferrite, the voice coil can produce loud sounds while keeping the tone smooth.

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