Cordless phone answer machine

    Cordless phone answer machine

    Incredible sound

    Take advantage of the DECT technology and experience the best possible sound quality during your communications. Boosted with a variety of extended features, the DECT2 is bound to become a real central point of family life.

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Incredible sound

  • Complete phone package including a base and 2 handsets

    The unique soft touch feel ensures that the phone lies perfectly within your hand and increases comfort while calling.

  • Free intercom - Free internal calls between handsets

    No need to stop what you are doing and go to give the handset to your son when his friend calls: you can freely and easily call the handset in his bedroom and transfer the call.

  • Message-counter on Base

    Just look at the base station to instantly know whether you have received any messages.

  • Answering machine control from the base

    Listening or deleting messages is as simple as pressing one key on the base station.

  • 15-minute recording time

    Records up to 15 minutes of incoming messages

  • Crystal Clear Sound Quality

    The use of digital communication virtually eliminates interference, buzzing and hissing. It improves the intelligibility of messages left on the answering machine and even making it possible for users to record and reproduce music.

  • Talk on the phone without holding the handset

    The handsfree speaker phone lets you hold a conversation while your hands are busy with something else and wherever you are. With both the speaker and the microphone in front of the handset, it is just like talking face to face with your correspondent.

  • Polyphonic ringtones for a more natural and realistic sound

    A polyphonic ringtone means that the phone can play many tones simultaneously, so that an accurate musical performance is possible, and when played through the phone's speaker these polyphonic ringtones sound like real music.

  • Display both name and number in the phonebook

    The alphanumeric display offers the possibility to display numbers as well as letters, and lets to assign a name to a number.

  • An ergonomic shape gives you the most comfortable control

    The smooth rounded shaped handset fits perfectly in your hand for natural, balanced operation. It looks great too!

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