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    GoPure SelectFilter Plus Filter for car air purifier


    Breathe only healthy air in your car

    The SelectFilter Plus is a powerful all-round filter, protecting you from PM2.5, odors, smoke, exhaust gases, VOCs and ozone. Its multi-layer filtration technology quickly removes up to 125 different pollutants from the air you breathe.

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    GoPure SelectFilter Plus
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    GoPure SelectFilter Plus

    Filter for car air purifier


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    Breathe only healthy air in your car

    Protect your family from up to 125 pollutants

    • All-round car air filter
    • Removes up to 125 pollutants
    • Filters PM1 fine particles
    • Neutralizes toxic gases & odor

    Quickly removes up to 125 pollutants

    Most people don’t realize the air inside your car can be 5 to 10 times more polluted than the air outside. Philips unique SelectFilter Plus filtration technology, with integrated pre-filter, protects your family by quickly removing pollutants from the car cabin, such as PM2.5. Not only does it remove harmful particles, but also cigarette smoke, dust, toxic gases, odors, ozone, viruses and bacteria.

    Filters particles as small as PM1

    The highly efficient particulate filtration of the Philips SelectFilter Plus removes the fine particles found inside the car cabin. These are the tiny particles that many inferior filters fail to capture, including those from cigarette smoke, pollen, dust, PM2.5, airborne viruses and bacteria.

    Neutralizes toxic gases & odor

    Philips unique 3-stage SelectFilter Plus technology includes a HESA layer embedded with selective additives. Through a powerful absorption and oxidation process, it decontaminates your car. This removes harmful gaseous substances and odors, including formaldehyde, TVOCs, and other toxic particles emitted from the materials inside your vehicle.

    Cleans exhaust gases from your car

    When you drive, your family is exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution (particularly when in heavy traffic). Your car’s fan creates a toxic air flow, blowing the harmful gases emitted by other vehicles into your car cabin. These fumes, as well as industrial pollution and ozone, are trapped inside your car, and then become trapped inside your lungs. Prevent your loved ones breathing in these nasty fumes and pollutants with the Philips SelectFilter Plus technology. This advanced filter removes exhaust gases such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and sulfur dioxide (SO2) and even Ozone.

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