Food Preparation

Viva Collection

Pasta maker accessory

    Viva Collection

    Pasta maker accessory

    More variety for your fresh homemade pasta

    Want to enjoy various types of fresh pasta at home easily? These discs are specially designed for using with Philips Avance pasta maker. They make it simpler than ever to create your own favorite fresh pasta from scratch at home. See all benefits


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Viva Collection Pasta maker accessory

Pappardelle shaping disc, Tagliatelle shaping disc HR2480/00 Find similar products

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More variety for your fresh homemade pasta

Accessory for Avance Pasta maker

  • Provide 2 different shapes discs: Pappardelle & Tagliatelle

    There are 2 shaping discs in the pack: Pappardelle & Tagliatelle. To create your favorite pasta shape, simply attach one of shaping discs to your pasta maker. Your pasta maker does all hard work for you. Enjoy fresh and decilious pasta easily at home!

  • Specialist discs to create perfect pasta consistently

    The shaping discs is featured with unique design extrustion hole ensuing smooth and consistent output.

  • Detachable parts for easily assemble and clean

    The shaping discs can be quickly assembled and dis-assembled on the appliance with ease.

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