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Universal remote control

    Universal remote control

    Remote control extender

    Universal remote control extender. Allows you to hide your components anywhere in the house, but still have use of your remote to control your components. Compact size and easy set up. See all benefits

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Universal remote control

IR/RF home control RFX2001WM/17 Find similar products

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Remote control extender

Extends signal

  • Good up to 100 ft

    Conveniently control your components up to 100 ft, through cabinets, walls floors and doors.

  • Works with any IR remote

    Radio Frequency Technology creates signals which can travel through walls floors and doors up to 100 ft.

  • Hide your components and use extender to operate remote

    Hide all of your components anywhere in the house, including DSS set top boxes, DVR, VCR, Audio receivers, DVD players, Cable box, etc. Sends the remote signal from IR to RF back to IR to execute remote control commands.

  • Extender allows you to use your original remote control

    Get rid of all your clutter under your TV and move your components to another location. You will still use your original remote to operate the original components.

  • Remote control will work from any room in your house

    Hide your components, but how do you change the channel, or start the DVD player. Remote extender goes through walls and doors by using Radio Frequency, just like the radio in your home.

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