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    My SENSEO® coffee machine makes more noise than usual

    Published on 14 November 2023
    If your SENSEO® coffee machine produces more noise and vibrations than the usual humming sound while brewing, please see our solutions below.
    • For all SENSEO® machines see Section A
    • For SENSEO® Switch see section B 
    • For SENSEO® Maestro see section C
    Your SENSEO® coffee machine is not on a flat surface
    Place your machine on a flat surface. Try to avoid stainless-steel surfaces as this produces more vibrations and noise than other surfaces.

    Built-up limescale  
    Build-up limescale can cause your SENSEO® coffee machine to produce more sound and vibrations over time. We advise to descale your machine every 3 months to reduce the noise and maintain great coffee quality. You can find detailed descaling instructions on our descaling page or in your user manual.

    Your SENSEO® Switch lets you switch between coffee pods and filter coffee.

    Sounds of brewing coffee with coffee pods
    When using coffee pods, you will hear a continuous humming sound. This humming sound comes from the water pump that is pressing water through the coffee pod.

    Sounds of brewing filter coffee
    A filter coffee is brewed by pumping shots of water slowly through the filter holder. While brewing, the machine makes a pulse buzzing sound, which could take about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how many cups you are brewing. This is normal behavior and nothing to be worried about.
    See the video below to hear what kind of sound to expect from your SENSEO® Switch while brewing filter coffee. 
    If none of these steps solved the issue, please contact us for further assistance.
    Play Pause
    Your SENSEO® Maestro has the option to brew Intense Espresso coffee.

    Intense Plus technology
    Intense Plus is a new technology for brewing espresso. Our innovative brewing technology exclusive for the espresso recipe, allows an optimum extraction of the coffee to create a delicious espresso with rich and darker crema. An advanced multiphase process that creates a different sound during the brewing.
    Extraction process
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