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    The temperature on my Avent digital flexible tip thermometer is inaccurate

    Published on 2020-08-03
    The temperature can be slightly different from other stick thermometers. This tolerance could be about +/- 0.1 degree for 35.5 °C to 42 °C range.

    Suggestions to increase accuracy

    Use the digital flexible tip thermometer rectally for a most accurate reading, especially for children under 3 years old. Oral (mouth) or axial (armpit) can be used but won't be as accurate and will usually result in reading 0.5 °C  to 1 °C lower than actual body temperature.
    It would be beneficial for the thermometer to be at room temperature before use and to be inserted before being switched on to take a reading, which will take 10 seconds. If the "Lo" or "Hi" displays, the reading is outside the temperature range. The thermometer should be switched off, repositioned and then turned on again to take a reading. 
    When measuring the temperature orally or axially the beep does not indicate the measurement is finished. The beep sound is applicable for rectal measurement only. When measuring under the armpit (axially) or in the mouth (orally) Ignore the beeping sound and wait for 5 minutes, before reading the measurement from the display. If the thermometer is taken out earlier, the measurement might not be accurate.

    Note: Consult the user manual leaflet for further advice.
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