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    My Philips OneBlade does not work

    Updated on 2022-06-28
    If your Philips OneBlade is not working, try our troubleshooting advice to fix this problem yourself.

    OneBlade is plugged in

    For safety reasons, the Philips OneBlade only works cordless. Check if your OneBlade is plugged into an electric socket. If yes, then try unplugging it and turn it on again. It should work now.
    Using Philips OneBlade corded

    OneBlade is not charged

    It is possible, that your OneBlade is not charged properly. To charge your OneBlade simply follow our instructions below or refer to the user manual.
    Charging instructions for Philips OneBlade 
    1. Switch off your OneBlade.
    2. Insert the charging cable in the socket at the bottom of your OneBlade, and plug in the charger in any 120V AC power outlet. Make sure you use the original Philips adaptor to charge your OneBlade.
    Charging Philips OneBlade

    The blade is blocked or damaged

    Check if the blade is clogged with hair, or if it shows signs of wear and tear. If it is clogged, try rinsing it or soaking it in some lukewarm water until all the hair and dirt is removed. Be careful not to tap your blade against a hard surface like the sink, as this can damage it. 
    If the blade looks damaged, please replace it immediately. To buy new blades for your Philips OneBlade visit our
    online shop
    Cleaning Philips OneBlade

    Travel lock is activated

    Some OneBlade models have a 'travel lock'. If this is activated, the device will not turn on. Press the on/off button for 3 seconds to deactivate the travel lock.
    If your OneBlade model has a digital display, a padlock symbol will appear on the display when the travel lock is activated.
    If your OneBlade is still not working, please feel free to contact us for further support.
    Deactivating the travel lock on Philips OneBlade

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