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    I cannot find files transferred into my Philips player

    • This player does not support copyright protected (DRM) WMA tracks bought from the Internet

    • The song might be in a format that is not supported by the player (only MP3, WMA and WAV files are supported)

    • The audio file might be corrupted, try to playback the file on your PC first, if it does not play, RIP the song again

    • The maximum number of songs per folder is limited to 50 for this player. Create another folder and put some of the songs in there.
      Note: The limit of 50 tracks per folder does not apply to the number of tracks in root directory.

    • The player can support maximum 450 tracks

    • Some of those music tracks may be in a format or bit rate that is not supported by the GoGear player like AAC or files in variable bit rate may be skipped by the player (for MP3 the player supports 32 –320kbps and for WMA: 5-192kbps with sampling rate 8.0kHz up to 44.1kHz)

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