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    The screen freezes or the sound of the Philips TV is intermittent while using Wi-Fi Media Connect

    Test the function of wireless connection and your PC capacities:

    1. Download any test movie to your PC.
    2. Check if the movie is displayed correctly on your PC.
    3. Use a network cable (UTP) to connect your laptop to the network connector on the back of the TV.
    4. Change the setting on the TV to ‘wired’ ([Home] > [Setup] > [Network settings] > [Network type] > change to [Wired]).
    5. Start the Wi-Fi Media Connect program on your PC.
    6. Play the test movie.
    7. If the test movie plays well properly, the problem was in is with your wireless network connection.
    8. If there is judder or other artifacts when the test movie plays, your PC processing power is insufficient. Use lower resolution video (SD, instead of HD; refer to the media playability table), or refer to the minimum PC specifications.

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