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    Philips Power Pack does not charge my device

    Your Philips Power Pack offers several protection modes. Please check the options below:

    1) The power status light goes off within 30 seconds of charging

    a. Try pressing the power pack button to charge a couple more times. It might need a few attempts to get your drained device battery back to life.

    b. Change the Micro USB cable (make sure the tip is oriented correctly before connecting)

    Note: If this does not help; please assess whether the battery of your device has been drained too much or whether it is worn out

    2) The power status light goes off after more than 1 minute of charging

    Your device battery's current consumption is over 1A, which is beyond the specification of the Philips Power Pack.

    The Philips Power Pack is not suitable for your device.

    3) The power status light blinks a couple of times before it goes off

    Charge the power pack for a second time to reset the short circuit protection mode.


    • If the problem still persists, stop charging with the Philips Power Pack. Your device battery may have internal short, or its current consumption is extremely high.

    • Do not drain your device battery below 20% capacity. Below this point your device battery voltage is so low, or the needed current to recharge it is so high, that the Philips Power Pack will diagnose this situation as defective.

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