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    No computers available on the PC link of my Philips HTS

    Published on 2017-02-28
    • For streaming content from the Internet, the standard HTTP port 80 is used, so make sure that this port is open for outgoing traffic (there should be no problem if you can access the web from your PC). For business networks you may need your LAN administrator to help you with settings.

    • While using PC Link with a firewall between the Streamium and your computer, you will need to enable/open ports 42951 TCP and 42591 UDP. The initial detection protocol does a UDP broadcast on port 42591, so any device or program that blocks the broadcast will make it appear as though there are no PC Link servers on the network.

    • Ensure that the PC is connected to the same network and the Philips Media Manager has launched. An icon will be displayed at the system tray. Press PC LINK button on the remote control, the unit will try to search the PC again.

    • In the case of proxy required, check the network configuration by double-clicking on the Philips Media Manager icon and click on Settings > Network. Completely uninstall and re-install the Philips Media Manager if necessary.

    • If the problem persists, try to restart the computer, the network router and the set.

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