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    Frequently Asked Questions for Skincare App

    Can the Philips Skincare Application replace my dermatologist?



    No, the  Philips Skincare Assessment Application is not a substitute for a professional skincare advice. The App helps you in getting a better understanding of your skin. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a health-care professional.

    Can I take more than one skin assessment using the Philips Skincare Application?

    Yes, you can take as many assessments as you want using the Philips Skincare Assessment Application. You might find it useful to do a new assessment when the seasons change, you make a change to your routine, notice a change in your skin, or if you feel you just want to understand your skin better.
    What are the benefits of the Philips Skincare Report?


    The Philips Skincare Report provides you with insights into your appearance, water/oil balance, your concerns, skincare routine and aspects of your lifestyle and how they can influence your skin. In your report, you will also receive product recommendations for your skin based on your skin profile.

    How do I use the Philips Skincare Application?


    Before you receive your personalized skincare report, you need to complete your assessment activities. These activities are:


    1) Answering the skin questionnaire which consists of 8 chapters


    2) Completing the selfie analysis


    Once you have completed your assessment activities, your personalized Philips Skincare Report will be generated immediately, where you can see your results.


    You can access your reports in your profile under the tab "my skin reports". Here you can individually view all your skin reports.