Advance your patient monitoring systems masterhead

Advance your patient monitoring systems

Improving patient care requires the right insights at the right time

Your acute care teams depend on actionable data when and where it's needed to fine-tune treatment decisions. Philips Acute Patient Management solutions help deliver predictive insights and continuous surveillance across all points of care. This can enable care teams to detect patient deterioration early, streamline workflows and confidently fine-tune care.

Let’s collaborate to standardize

Let’s collaborate to standardize and future-proof your system.

Advance your patient monitoring systems structured approach

Alarm management - A structured approach promotes patient safety and reduces alarm fatigue.

Clinical decision support - Predictive analytics detect early signs of deterioration for fast intervention.

Medical device integration - Continuous, vendor-neutral data capture from virtually any patient device.1

EMR connectivity - Integration optimizes workflow and saves time.

Standardization - Software maintenance agreements help maintain security, support collaboration, ensure high levels of uptime and prepare for the future.

Cybersecurity - Node authentication and data encryption secure patient information within and beyond the walls of your enterprise.

A critical solution for critical care at Rush University System for Health

Standardized patient monitoring facilitates the quadruple aim. Rush partnered with Philips to standardize its patient monitoring system across its large campus, which included over 700 beds and seven critical care units in three hospitals.

Critical solution

Dynamic care demands dynamic solutions

We collaborate with you to deliver standardized, interoperable patient care solutions that can seamlessly integrate with your health systems.

Watch how this allows data to flow continuously throughout care settings.

Dynamic care demands dynamic solutions

Protect your investment, your systems and your patients by learning more about Philips patient monitoring and complete acute patient management solutions.

Reduction in unplanned ICU readmissions

reduction in unplanned ICU readmissions2, 3

Reduction in patient transfers to the ICU

reduction in patient transfers to the ICU2

Reduction on in-hospital cardiac arrest

reduction on in-hospital cardiac arrest2, 3

PEWS accuracy rate on pediatric surgery floor

PEWS accuracy rate on pediatric surgery floor2, 4

Potential hours saved

potential hours saved2, 5, 6

Reduction in nonactionable ICU alarms

reduction in nonactionable ICU alarms2

Spotlight on: Capsule

Spotlight on: Philips Capsule

Capabilities that can move care and workflow forward

Philips Capsule can capture streaming clinical data from nearly any patient device, contextualize it and share it to all points of care.1

  • Liberate your device data and expand its use
  • Distribute timely, contextual insights to caregivers
  • Rapidly add different types of medical devices
  • Power EMR tools and clinical applications
  • Fuel clinical research and streamline clinical workflows
  • Detect emergent high-risk events earlier



1. Device must be capable of data output and system must be able to receive HL7.
2. Results of customer testimonies are not predictive of results in other cases, where results may vary.
3. Heller A, Mees ST, Lauterwald B, Reeps C, Koch T, Weitz J. Detection of deteriorating patients on surgical wards outside the ICU by an automated MEWS-based early warning system with paging functionality. Ann Surg. 2020;271(1):100-105. doi: 10.1097/SLA. 0000000000002830
4. Customer data over 7-month period in 2019 in unit 5CMC – Pediatrics Surgery.
5. This data is exclusive to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.
6. Results from the automation of ECG wavestrip patient transport process, non–value-added vitals charting, equipment upgrades and workflow changes. Data was collected by time study observations with the Philips team and Jackson Health team. These numbers are estimated projected time savings.

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