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Genetics are driving advances in precision medicine for common and unusual diseases leading to more targeted treatments. Philips IntelliSpace Precision Medicine leverages existing resources while building and integrating cloud infrastructure to support the evolution of personalized medicine in clinical practice.

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    IntelliSpace Precision Medicine integrates phenotypes, genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics to support molecular pathology workflow and to aid prioritization of targeted cancer treatments and clinical trials matching.  Streamlines communication between disciplines via molecular and multi-discipline tumor board providing a unified view of the patient across diagnostic modalities.  Delivering expert-curated knowledge of Dana-Farber clinical pathways integrated to existing EHR platforms.

    Dana-Farber Evidence-based pathways

    Treating cancer is increasingly difficult as new data sources have provided a set of ever more complex treatment options from new drugs to genomic data.  Clinical decision support within Oncology from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, in Boston, powers complex cancer care, by enabling more personalized care plans for patients, while taking into account the various treatment options available.  Dana-Farber is sharing its clinical decision support logic with Philips to bring enhanced cancer care to the oncology community.
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    Philips and Dana-Farber operationalize and scale Clinical Pathways at ASCO 2018

    The success of a precision medicine program hinges on the ability to leverage multiple data sources.

    With the average healthcare organization managing 300 different data sources it’s critical to integrate as many diagnostic, surveillance and patient data systems in one place.
    Oncology Informatics

    With Philips Precision Medicine you can unify all your data siloes for quick access into your longitudinal, clinical, and molecular data - stored all in one place


    • Enable scaling of in-house testing platform and multi-site deployment
    • Incorporate up-to-date information from clinical and scientific literature
    • Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and communication
    • Scale and extend on our open-architecture platform
    • Automate customizable report generation with actionable information
    Oncology Information systems and solutions

    Philips IntelliSpace Precision Medicine Genomics


    To keep pace with the rapid developments in the field of genomics, you need clinical workflow tools that are integrated with the evolving genomic evidence that is being generated every day both inside your laboratory and in the broader community. IntelliSpace Precision Medicine Genomics combines customizable pipelines with deep learning algorithms that turn your evolving data in new insights.

    Patient-centric Oncology care

    Philips IntelliSpace Precision Medicine Oncology


    The IntelliSpace Precision Medicine Oncology solution integrates information across different clinical domains such as radiology, pathology, EHR systems, and genomics, and seamlessly incorporates all key patient and medical data in one location, to provide a clear, intuitive view of patient status in its disease and state context, and facilitate data-driven clinical decision support. The confidence and convenience of having the comprehensive analytic tools along the treatment pathway.

    Philips integrated healthcare
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    Philips HealthSuite is an open platform of services, capabilities and tools designed to inspire and enable the development of next generation connected health and wellness innovations. HealthSuite is purpose-built for healthcare. The health-optimized infrastructure allows for seamless integration with existing health enterprise ecosystems. Learn more by watching our video.

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