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    Change foil every 12 months for best results

    Product features

    • 100% waterproof for use in the shower and easy cleaning

      Trim and shave where you want to, wet or dry. And when you’re done, just rinse it off under the tap.

    • Dual shaver with trimmer shaves even the toughest beards

      The dual foil shaver makes it easy to clean up stubble around your beard, even on your neck. The mid trimmer catches longer, tougher hairs and the 2 floating foils shave everything else perfectly smooth.

    • Change foil every 12 months for best results

      1. detach the shaver end of your Styleshaver. 2. Remove the old foil and cutters. 3. Place the new foil in the holder. 4. Place the new cutters into your Styleshaver and then click on the new holder and foil.

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