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    How to make iced coffee at home

    What’s more refreshing than an iced coffee in the morning? A homemade iced coffee in the morning. Iced coffee is a daily staple for so many people. The rich, chilled coffee mixed with creamy milk poured over ice makes for an ideal coffee drink during the warmer weather. If iced coffee is your beverage of choice each morning, why not learn to make your own iced coffee right at home?


    Learning how to make homemade iced coffee couldn’t be easier with this guide. Discover how to make iced coffee fast to impress house guests or to enjoy a refreshing, delicious iced coffee at home whenever you want.

    Preparation to make your own iced coffee


    So, how do you make iced coffee? First thing’s first: ensure that you have all the necessary ingredients and coffee-making equipment. Here is what you will need to enjoy your own iced coffee at home:


    • Coffee machine
    • Ground coffee beans
    • Glass
    • Ice
    • Spoon
    • Milk of choice 


    The quality of your homemade iced coffee ultimately comes down to the quality of your coffee maker. If you don’t already have a good coffee maker at home, consider choosing one with personalized settings to help you create delicious coffee and espresso beverages with ease.  


    Be sure that you have ground coffee beans on hand, as well as your milk of choice – whole milk, skim, soy, almond, etc. Fill your glass with ice and have a spoon ready to mix the beverage. Once you have these items stocked in your kitchen, you’re ready to learn how to make iced coffee at home. 

    How to make homemade iced coffee  


    How do you make iced coffee? It’s basically the same as making regular coffee except this time, you’re adding ice. Follow these three steps to master how to make homemade iced coffee: 


    • Brew the coffee: Make iced coffee at home by first brewing your coffee as you normally would each morning. Fill a pitcher with the coffee and place it in the refrigerator to cool it down to about room temperature. If you want to know how to make iced coffee fast, it’s not mandatory to put the pitcher in the refrigerator. But be aware that the hot coffee might melt the ice quicker and give it a watery taste. 


    When you make your own iced coffee, you ideally want it to be as cool and crisp tasting as can be. So, if you have the time, we recommend cooling the freshly brewed coffee. But if you’re in a rush one morning, no worries! It will still turn out delicious. 


    • Pour the coffee over ice: After you’ve brewed the coffee, take your glass filled with ice and begin to slowly pour the coffee into the glass. Use your spoon to stir the coffee in with the ice to ensure that the coffee is equally chilled. 


    Tip: One of the common issues with iced coffee is that it’s very easy to water your drink down too much. The secret? Brew it and cool it straight away with ice cubes made from fresh brewed coffee. 


    • Add the milk: Next, pour your favorite type of chilled milk into the iced coffee. Stir it with the spoon so that the milk is evenly distributed throughout the coffee drink.


    And voila! You’ve just learned how to make iced coffee at home. Feel free to add sugar, cinnamon, whipped cream, or any other topping that you or your guests may fancy.

    Enjoy your iced coffee at home!

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