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    what is espresso coffee and how do you drink it main

    What is espresso and how do you drink it?

    Although an espresso shot may appear small on the outside, there is nothing small about its intense flavor and aroma. What is espresso? What types of espresso drinks are out there and what does espresso mean in the first place? 


    There are many questions surrounding this powerful little caffeine kick. Learn exactly what espresso is, as well as the various shots and espresso drinks that you can enjoy. From ‘what is espresso coffee?’ to ‘what does ristretto mean?’, this article helps answer the most common inquiries involving the popular espresso beverage. And once you have a better understanding of what espresso is, you’ll feel confident enough to make one at home.

    What is espresso coffee?


    Many drink espressos regularly, whether it be in a latte, a cappuccino, or as a pure shot. However, there are plenty of people who don’t really understand what an espresso is. So, what is espresso? An espresso is a type of strong black coffee that is created when hot water is forced through ground coffee beans.

    What does espresso mean? The word ‘espresso’ is actually the past participle of the word ‘esprimere,’ which means ‘to express’ or ‘to press out.’ Espresso refers to the process by which it is made, rather than a specific bean. The literal meaning of the word attributes to this process, since the espresso is brewed with such speed and intense pressure.

    Types of espresso shots: What is a double espresso? 


    You now know what an espresso shot is, but what is a double espresso? A double espresso is simply two shots. So instead of brewing one, you brew two for the same cup of coffee. A double espresso isn’t the only type of shot or pure espresso drink that you can enjoy, however!


    One of the most popular ways to drink an espresso is a ristretto. What does ristretto mean? A ristretto is simply a stronger, more concentrated single shot of espresso.

    Sip slowly and enjoy!


    Now that you’ve mastered an espresso, it’s time to experiment with a variety of espresso drinks. From lattes to frothy cappuccinos to an iced caramel macchiato, there’s no limit to how you can enjoy your espresso. 


    Once you know what coffee to use for espresso and how espresso is made, you can brew your own at home for incredible espresso every day. And remember to sip slowly to really savor the intense flavor of espresso coffee. 

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