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    Air Purifier

    Reduces allergens, gases, odor, Captures 99.97% of particles, App connected, Ideal for large rooms AC5659/40

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do my Philips Air Purifier’s lights mean

    If you wonder what the air quality lights or ring lights of your Philips Air Purifier mean, please find out here.

    Note: All images shown below are generic representations only; there can be some differences among specific appliances.

    Air purifiers with air quality ring lights

    In this case, your Philips Air Purifier indicates through its air quality lights (see image below) the current quality of the air it is cleaning.

    The different colors indicate the following:

    • Blue: good.

    • Blue-violet: fair

    • Red-Purple: unhealthy

    • Red: very unhealthy

    Philips Air Purifier's air quality ring

    Air purifiers with a quality light

    In this case, your air purifier indicates the current quality of the air by displaying a red or green light.

    In the first few minutes after you select the SmartAir Control function, the air quality indicator will flash red to indicate that the air quality sensor is measuring the ambient air quality. After approximately 5 minutes, the air quality indicator lights up green if the air quality is good or lights up red if the air quality is poor.

    Note: The SmartAir Control function is only applicable for purifiers AC406x. For these purifiers, this function automatically adjusts speed settings according to the current air quality.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: AC5659/40 , AC1213/40 , AC2889/42 , AC2889/41 , AC2889/40 , AC1214/40 , AC1214/41 , AC1214/42 , AC2885/40 . more less

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