DLO Auto Charger

for iPhone & iPod DLM2205D/27

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Philips dock charge my iPhone 4?

Yes. The device charges iPhone 4.

Depending on the design of bumpers or individual cases for iPhone 4, you may need to remove the bumper or case for optimal connection.

If the iPhone does not accept the charger, please try disconnecting and re-connecting your iPhone a few times.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DLM2205D/27 , DLM2235D/27 , DLM2205D/17 , DLM2264D/17 , DLM2235D/17 , DLM2211D/17 , DLM2211/17 , DLM55557/27 , DLM96467/17 , DLA96464/17 , DLM2205/17 , DLM2264/17 . more less

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