GoGEAR Micro jukebox

8GB* HDD1835/17


My Philips GoGear player does not power up

  1. Do a soft reset by pressing and holding the Power On/Off button and the volume + key for a couple of seconds

  2. Then connect your GoGear to a power outlet with the AC Adapter to charge the player again for around 30 minutes

  3. Try turning the unit back on and see if the display appears

  4. If the display comes on, keep the player connected for another 3-4 hours until it is fully charged before using

If the display does not come on, contact our Customer Care Center for assistance.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HDD1835/17 , HDD1830/17 , HDD1630/17 , HDD6330/17 . more less

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