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    Flash audio player

    128MB* SA238/17


    How to convert music CDs into MP3 files with Musicmatch Jukebox?

    With the use of MUSICMATCH Jukebox, you may convert your music CDs into MP3 files with CD quality music. Check out the following steps:

    1. Have MUSICMATCH Jukebox running on your computer.

    2. Click the round button on the MUSICMATCH Jukebox control panel. The Recorder window will open.

    3. Insert a commercial music CD into your computer’s CD ROM drive. CD lookup will attempt to add information to the ID3 tage such as artist track and album names. If information doesn’t appear, enter it manually.

    4. Check the boxes next to each track to record then click the round button on the Recorder. MUSICMATCH Jukebox by default, creates mp3 files at 128kbps and the recorded tracks will be automatically added to the music library ready to be transferred onto your RUSH.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SA238/17 , SA230/17 .

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