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    What problems will latest software solve in my Philips TV?

    Published on 2016-12-29

    The latest software version ( will fix or improve the following:

    • Availability of CableCard channel map
    • Improved info in the service menu
    • Improved picture quality and stability on HDMI
    • Installation of channels

    To check your current software version:

    1. Press the [Menu] button on the remote
    2. Select [Installation] from menu
    3. Select [Current software info]. You should see a display like below

    After checking:

    If your software version is below latest you should install the software by following instructions with software.

    Software can be found on the support page.

    Software History Following problems are solved:

    • Issue related to intermittent video loss is solved Following problems are solved:

    • Changes to CableCard channel map not recognized (new channels added by cable company are not viewable and some previously viewable channels are no longer present)
    • CableCard initialization screen displays repeatedly Following problems are solved:

    • Channel map changes of the OOB channel table are reflected in the TV's channel map
    • Robustness improvement to support signals which have wrongly set Audio Only bit
    • Solution for sudden audio drop
    • Audio improvement to avoid click in sound in case of high input signal
    • Make RRT5 functionality user controllable
    • Data only channels are filtered out after installation
    • Give priority to SCTE 21 above SCTE 20 compliant captions to prevent duplicate characters in the CC text
    • Improvement of CC processing on scrambled HD channels Following problem is solved:

    • Solution for sudden popup of menu or non-functioning of keys on the television Following problems are solved:

    • Improved robustness in CableCard behavior
    • Improvements for playback of some specific signals not following standards
    • Improved picture quality
    • The permanent channel number is not displayed anymore when OSD is set to normal. This enables you to have the volume bar without permanent channel numbers Following problems are solved:

    • Improvement for selection for Secondary Audio Program on digital channels
    • Extra step in automatic installation to detect scrambled channels and unmark them in preferred channel list, as a consequence the scrambled channels will be skipped when pressing [Ch+] or [Ch-] and are not visible in the channel map
    • Default horizontal & vertical center value corrected on inputs where horizontal & vertical shift is allowed Following problem is solved:

    • General performance improvement Following problems are solved:

    • Improved robustness for digital audio connections with some specific cable boxes
    • Improved robustness for source selection with some specific HDMI or DVI devices
    • Bad colors after switching between HDMI and YPbPr inputs
    • Wrong decoding of very low bit rate ATSC (Digital) signals Following problem is solved:

    • Stereo Ambilight last status improvement (Only for xxPF9830A/37 sets) Following problems are solved:

    • Vertical picture shift not restored at startup
    • Thumbnails not visible in content browser after fast scrolling down through the list
    • Some specific CableCards reset on scrambled signals supporting multiple audio languages
    • Eliminate risk on picture detrition Following problems are solved:

    • Sometimes the digital CC can get stuck
    • In PIP/DW sometimes HDMI picture freezes while switching channels in the other window
    • Sometimes bad detection of video signals on AV1 and AV 3
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