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    How to transfer files from Windows OS to my player?

    Published on 2017-02-28

    For PC users, you can download your favorite music to the PSA player simply via Windows Explorer or by using Musicmatch® Jukebox.

    Tip: Always download music saved as .wma or .mp3 files into the main/root directory of the player to enable playback. The order in which your device will play your music is the order in which you have transferred music to your device.

    1. Hook up your PSA player with the PC using the supplied USB cable.
    2. Run Windows Explorer, and select the files to download from your music file source directory.
    3. Drag and drop the selected files to your PSA player, which is named as Removable Drive in Windows Explorer.
    4. Once the transfer process is complete, click on the Unplug or Eject Hardware removal icon on the task tray.
    5. Follow the screen instructions on your computer to stop and eject the player. When you reach the message:
    6. The ‘USB Mass Storage device’ can now be safely removed from the system, click OK. Then unplug your PSA player. If you see a Try stopping the device again later message on your PC screen, try closing some applications which are running on your PC, and then do the eject hardware again.

    For Windows 98 SE users, there is no Eject icon. Instead, please check your PSA player to see if - the wavy line has stopped moving on the display and make sure that there are no applications running that might be accessing the device including Windows Explorer before you unplug the player.

    Downloading music using Musicmatch® Jukebox:

    1. Hook up your PSA player with the PC using the supplied USB cable.
    2. Launch Musicmatch® Jukebox on your computer.
    3. Click File > Portable in the MUSIC CENTER to open the PORTABLE DEVICE MANAGER. Your PSA will be displayed under the Attached Portable Devices folder in the PORTABLE DEVICE MANAGER. If it is not, then right click that folder and select Add Portable Device Plug-in to install the correct Nike plug-in and click the picture, the plug-in will install automatically.
    4. You may now drag and drop your selected tracks from saved playlists or My library in Musicmatch® Jukebox or directly from Windows Explorer onto the Philips Mass Storage Disc USB Device icon under the Attached Portable Devices folder.
    5. Check the download status from the track progress bar. After tracks have been transferred to your Nike PSA player, click Eject on the PORTABLE DEVICE MANAGER.

    For Windows 98 users If you cannot find that the Nike PSA icon under the Attached Portable Devices folder even with the plug-in installed, this may be due to incorrect installation of the PSA driver. Please re-install the PSA driver by going through the following steps:

    1. Unplug the player from your PC.
    2. Insert the installation CD into the CD ROM drive.
    3. Select your preferred language and model number to install the driver.
    4. Click INSTALL MUSICMATCH 8.0 to install the MUSICMATCH® JUKEBOX.
    5. Restart the PC when prompted.
    6. Hook up the PSA player to your PC.
    7. Go to My Computer > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager. Check to see if there is any entry of the device shown with a yellow exclamation mark “!” beside it.
    8. Select and right click the entry and click REMOVE to un-install the improperly installed driver.
    9. The entry with the exclamation mark should disappear. Now click the REFRESH button.
    10. The computer should detect new hardware. Click NEXT to continue.
    11. In the Add new hardware wizard, choose the option “Display a list of all drivers in a specific location, so you can select the driver you want.” And then click NEXT.
    12. A list of devices is shown. Choose HARD DISK CONTROLLERS and press NEXT.
    13. A list of manufacturers and their devices are shown. Choose HAVE DISK.
    14. A dialog box will show and asking for the path of the manufacturer’s installation disk. Type in “c:\windows\inf\other” as the path and click NEXT.
    15. Highlight the USB Mass Storage Device under Models and then click NEXT.
    16. Click NEXT to continue and then click FINISH to complete the installation.
    17. Finally, the drivers are installed, and in Device Manager it should show the correctly installed USB Mass Storage Class drivers under HARD DISK CONTROLLERS.
    18. Unplug the player from your PC.
    19. Launch Windows Explorer, and check if your PSA player can be detected by your computer and listed as REMOVABLE DRIVE. If not, unplug the player from your PC and repeat steps 1 – 18.
    20. You may now download music into the PSA player by following the steps described above for MUSICMATCH® JUKEBOX.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: ACT211/17 , ACT215/17 , ACT216/17 .

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