Philips DVD/VCR Home Theater System MX5100VR



How to select the recording speed on my Philips system?

1) Switch on the TV set. If required, select the program number for the System.

2) Press DISC/VCR MENU. The main menu will appear.

3) Select RECORD SETUP using ▲/▼ and confirm with ►.

4) Select RECORD SPEED using ▲/▼.

  • SP - Standard Play (normal recording speed) offers the usual first class picture quality
  • LP - Long Play (half recording speed, double recording time). 6 hours can be recorded on a 3-hour cassette (E180) with a somewhat reduced picture quality
  • AUTO - AUTOmatic Long Play. If there is not enough space on the tape to record a programmed recording in standard speed, the recording is automatically done in 'LP' (Longplay). Otherwise, the recording speed will be 'SP' (Standardplay)

5) Select the required recording speed with ►.

6) To end, press DISPLAY/STATUS/EXIT.

The information on this page applies to the following models: MX5100VR/37 .

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