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    Why streaming from Internet is cutting off on my Philips device?

    Published on 2017-02-28
    • Your ISP may not be providing you with enough throughput - most streaming requires an uninterrupted 128 Kb/s throughput; if it is less than this, you will get dropouts. Try streaming the same service from your PC, and if you experience the same drops in service, then it is either your broadband provider or the music service provider.

    • The music/video service you are playing may have too many listeners at one time. Try another service from a different provider and see if you experience the same types of dropouts. If you do, then the problem is most likely with your broadband service provider. If the alternate service plays correctly, then the original service provider may be too busy to give you a good quality stream.

    • You may experience longer waiting time for video/picture streaming as buffering in background is in progress.

    • If you can stream fine from your PC, and all the music services are intermittent, then you may have a bad network cable connecting your Streamium to your gateway router. The included cable is a CAT 5 network cable - if you are using a CAT 3 cable (older), then you can have problems.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: MX6000I/37 .

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