Philips AVENT - Feeding your baby on the go

Feeding your baby on the go

If you're nervous about breastfeeding in public, or wondering what equipment you'll need to bottle feed, we have a few pointers for keeping your baby happy on the go:

Philips AVENT - Feeding your baby on the go

Breastfeeding? These items can help give you more confidence to feed in public:

• A nursing bra

A good-fitting nursing bra gives you support and coverage, while letting you expose one nipple at a time.

• A nursing cover up

If you feel self-conscious feeding in public, a cover-up can be a big help. Try fastening a muslin, shawl or nursing blanket around your neck and shoulders – the fabric should help you feel less exposed.

• Nursing tops

Nursing tops have fabric panels that may be discretely pulled away so baby can easily latch on. Or, simply wear two stretchy tank tops and when you’re ready to feed, pull one up and one down to keep you covered up.

Bottle feeding? The following equipment can be useful:

• Premeasured powdered formula and clean bottles

Fill a clean bottle with the appropriate amount of water – ready to mix and serve. (Prepared bottles of powdered formula only last about an hour at room temperature.) Or, you could bring cans of ready-to-serve formula and clean bottles.

• Insultated tote or cooler bag

If you plan to be gone all day, add ice packs to your bag. Bottles of breast milk stay good for up to six hours at room temperature but can last an entire day if chilled continuously.

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