Norelco Kid's Clipper Kid-friendly hair clipper

Norelco Kid's Clipper Kid-friendly hair clipper

Ultra-quiet, skin friendly, 15 length settings, 45mins cordless use/8h charge, Contour-following comb CC5059/60 Find similar products

Technical Specifications

  • Power system

    Charging time
    8  hour(s)
    Running time
    45 minutes
    Battery type
    Corded and cordless
  • Accessories

    Cleaning brush
  • Cutting system

    Number of length settings
    Comb type
    Contour following
    Cutting element
    Stainless steel blades
    Rounded tips
    Skin friendly
    Range of length settings
    1/8 to 1 3/4 inches
    Cutter width
    1 17/64 Inches
    Precision (size of steps)
    1/8 inch
  • Design

  • Ease of use

    Maintenance free
    No oil needed
  • Comfort

    Ultra-light design
  • Service

    2-year guarantee

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