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Multimedia Speakers 2.0

    Multimedia Speakers 2.0

    Your laptop never sounded so good!

    High end tweeters plus bass radiators for sound quality never seen before in speakers this small. USB plug and play connection means no power adaptor or batteries are needed. Lightweight, robust and compact - perfect in any laptop bag.

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Your laptop never sounded so good!

Portable digital sound

  • Digital sound delivers a clean signal for perfect quality

    Audio is transferred as a digital signal and only at the last minute is it converted to an analog signal. This reduces the amount of interference on the signal and results in playback that is true to the original recording.

  • Over 75 years of audio experience

    Philips invented the CD, lead the team that wrote the USB audio specification and has produced millions of audio systems, home cinema sets and TV's over many decades. As a leader in audio innovation, you can trust Philips to make PC sound systems of the highest sound quality.

  • Bass radiators: better bass without seperate subwoofer

    Bass radiators enable small speakers to reproduce bass frequencies more effectively without having to increase their size and without the need for a seperate subwoofer. It brings you real subwoofer experience. The bass quality of a 2.1 system is turned into a less space consuming 2.0 system. So better bass with less space!

  • High quality tweeters for superior high tones

    Using a high-end tweeter on each speaker box dramatically improves the reproduction of high frequencies. Music comes to life and movies sound like they were meant to, as the full range of high frequencies is perfectly reproduced.

  • Class 'D' digital amplifier for quality sound performance

    Class ‘D’ Digital Amplifier takes an analog signal, converts it into a digital signal and then amplifies the signal digitally. The signal then enters a demodulation filter to give the final output. The amplified digital output delivers all the advantages of digital audio, including improved sound quality. In addition, Class ‘D’ Digital Amplifier has greater than 90% efficiency compared to traditional AB amplifiers. This high efficiency translates into a powerful amplifier with a small footprint.

  • Turn your presentations into multimedia experiences

    Because of the very poor audio quality from the integrated speakers found on most laptops, Powerpoint presentations tend to not fully use the audio capabilities available. Compact, robust, superb sounding speakers mean you can take speakers with you wherever you are and give your presentations the impact they deserve.

  • Compatible with music, games, film & internet audio sources

    All types of music, games, films and internet audio sources can be played, so no matter what you want to hear, we make your multimedia experiences sound more involving than ever.

  • Compact and robust design for on the move

    A compact design fits easily into a laptop or travel bag so you can take it anywhere. It is also robust enogh to take the knocks of use on the move.

  • Fully portable

    Compact size and smart cable management make it easy to transport

  • Easy connection via USB to your PC or Laptop

    USB Plug and Play means that the device conforms to USB standards and is recognized by the PC or Laptop. This makes plugging in USB devices quick and simple to do.

  • Magnetic Shielding eliminates computer screen distortion

    Because the powerful magnets in speaker drivers are magnetically shielded, there''s no danger of image distortion or damage when placed close to your PC monitor screen.

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