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    Feel more energized with light, naturally

    Philips EnergyLight is an energy light that uses the natural power of daylight to improve energy levels and mood. Just 20-30 minutes a day is all it takes to feel more energized, active and alert, helping you to perform whenever you need to See all benefits

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Feel more energized with light, naturally

Natural white light energizes like bright daylight

  • 10,000 lux – same intensity, benefits as natural daylight

    10,000 lux – same intensity, benefits as natural daylight

    Philips EnergyUp produces light with a high luminance of up to 10,000 lux and a color close to natural daylight. This revitalizing light has the same effect on the body as a summer’s day, and is clinically proven to improve vitality and energy levels, and to help fight fatigue and winter blues. EnergyUp uses the latest high-power Philips LED lights and technology; these innovations keep EnergyUp slim in size. As a result, EnergyUp takes up little desk space, and is suitable for use virtually anywhere in the home or workplace.

  • Includes adjustable stand and wall mount

    Includes adjustable stand and wall mount

    EnergyUp is slim and easy to set up. Simply place EnergyUp at about arm’s length within your field of vision. Slightly in front and to the side of you on a desk or table is ideal, with the unit angled upward so that the light reaches your eyes. Or you may attach EnergyUp to a wall using the included wall mount.

  • 100+ years of Philips lighting and healthcare know-how

    100+ years of Philips lighting and healthcare know-how

    Philips was founded more than one hundred years ago as a pioneer of affordable light bulbs, and later used its expertise in vacuum tube technology to develop one of the world’s first X-ray imaging machines. To this day, the company remains a global leader in lighting and healthcare, driven on by the desire to improve people’s lives around the world every day by creating innovations that matter to you. This proud heritage continues with EnergyUp, an innovative product which benefits from all of Philips’ experience as a leading lighting, healthcare and consumer technology company.

  • Results in just 20-30 min/day; use while reading, working

    Results in just 20-30 min/day; use while reading, working

    Just 20-30 minutes a day with EnergyUp is proven to revitalize and promote a positive mood. Simply position the energy light at arm’s length so that the light reaches your eyes. There’s no need to look directly into the light, so you can multitask with EnergyUp, benefitting from it at breakfast, or when working or reading. Since the light is UV free and comfortable and safe for eyes, you can use it for as long as you wish during the day (if used in the evening or before bedtime it may delay sleep). With daily use, you are likely to feel EnergyUp's energizing effect within 1-2 weeks.

  • Even brightness, ultimate eye comfort

    Even brightness, ultimate eye comfort

    EnergyUp uses a unique lighting system to control glare for complete eye comfort. A unique combination of diffusers, reflectors and filters distribute the powerful LED light evenly across the whole surface of the screen. This controls glare and prevents bright spots, for diffuse light that is always comfortable and pleasant to experience.

  • 100% UV free light - safe for eyes and skin

    100% UV free light - safe for eyes and skin

    EnergyUp Natural white uses the full natural daylight spectrum of light, but without the harmful UV rays associated with sunlight. EnergyUp is therefore safe to use for eyes and skin.

  • Independent research confirms improved energy levels

    EnergyUp is clinically proven to increase energy levels, help fight winter blues [1] and be effective against winter depression [2, 3, 4]. It is known that bright white light reduces fatigue and increases alertness [5], as well as improving vitality and well-being [6] when used in the workplace. Increasingly, light treatment is the first choice for seasonal mood and energy problems [7, 8, 9, 10] and is proven to fight winter blues [1, 11]. In a workplace study, those affected reported improved mood, energy, alertness and productivity when exposed to bright light [11].

  • Fights energy dips, fatigue and winter blues

    Lack of light during the darker winter months causes many people to experience a noticeable drop off in their energy levels and low spirits as autumn sets in. Known as 'winter blues' (or sub-syndromal seasonal affective disorder, sub-SAD), symptoms may cause the sufferer to feel low, listless and fatigued for weeks or even months on end, affecting both personal performance and mood. Philips EnergyUp fights these symptoms of winter fatigue with the natural energizing power of sunlight, sustaining the body with summer vitality throughout the dark winter months.

  • Improves energy levels, alertness and mood

    Today’s busy modern lifestyles demand peak performance all day long – but even the fittest person suffers energy crashes or lows, particularly when deprived of natural daylight, such as in an office in winter. EnergyUp fights energy dips and improves mood using the natural energizing power of sunlight to stimulate the body and improve alertness. With just a single 20-30 minute session proven to be effective, use EnergyUp whenever you need to charge up and energize: to get going in the morning, reboot after lunch, or maintain sustained energy levels throughout the day.

  • Light is a natural energizer that fits a healthy lifestyle

    Daylight is essential to well-being and keeping fit and energized throughout the day – just like healthy nutrition and regular exercise. Philips EnergyUp mimics the natural energizing power of daylight on a bright sunny day, stimulating special receptors in the eye that trigger the body’s natural response to sunlight. This helps you to feel more energetic, active and alert. On days when your energy level is low and you’re feeling tired, EnergyUp promotes vitality, naturally.

  • Natural white light complements any environment

    Natural white light complements any environment.

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