HAIR clippers

do-it-yourself hair clipper

    do-it-yourself hair clipper

    Cut your own hair - even in hard-to-reach areas

    The unique 180º rotating head of this Philips hair clipper makes it easy to reach every part of your head, for an even trim every time. Give yourself a precise trim every time. See all benefits

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do-it-yourself hair clipper

Stainless steel blades, 20 length settings, 60mins cordless use/1h charge, Precision buzz comb QC5530/15 Find similar products

Cut your own hair - even in hard-to-reach areas

with 180° rotating head

  • 180° rotating head for easy reach

    180° rotating head for easy reach

    Makes trimming your own hair easier than ever. Simply select the best angle to comfortably reach all parts of your head without any assistance.

  • Skin-friendly, high-performance trimmer blades

    Skin-friendly, high-performance trimmer blades

    The steel blades of the electric shaver lightly brush against each other, so they sharpen themselves as you trim! The blades stay extra-sharp to always cut hairs neatly and effectively, but have rounded blade tips and combs to prevent skin irritation.

  • Easy to select and lock in 20 length settings - 1mm to 30mm

    Turn the wheel to simply select and lock in the length setting you want. Three adjustable combs provide length settings from 1mm to 30mm, with precisely 2mm between each length on the main combs and 0.5mm between each length on the precision comb. You can also use it without a comb for a close 0.5mm trim.

  • Battery light shows the battery status

    Battery light glows green when full and blinks orange when 10 minutes remain.

  • Contour-following comb follows every curve of your head.

    The hair clipper gently follows the contours of your head for a fast, even and comfortable haircut.

  • 60 minutes cordless power after 1 hour quick charge.

    The powerful lithium ion battery lasts for 60 minutes after a 1 hour charge. A quick 10 minute charge gives you 10 minutes of clipping time, so it’s always ready when you are.

  • Precision comb with 5 locking length settings - 1mm to 3mm

    The additional comb gives you extra length settings from 1mm to 3mm, with 0.5mm precise steps between each length.

  • Precision trimmer for fine details to perfect your style

    Perfect for getting into hard to reach areas, like around your sideburns, under your nose or around your mouth. It’s designed to cut very close while still protecting your skin. And its small size makes it easy to see what you’re doing - for fine lines and details.

  • 2-year guarantee, worldwide voltage.

    All of our grooming products are built to last. They come with a 2 year worldwide guarantee, worldwide voltage compatibility.

  • 100% waterproof for easy cleaning

    To clean, you can simply rinse this Philips groomer under the tap.

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