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Wireless Music Adapter

    Wireless Music Adapter

    Music here, PC there without wires

    PC and Internet Music wirelessly on your stereo

    Unfortunately this product is no longer available


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Music here, PC there without wires

PC and Internet Music wirelessly on your stereo

Unfortunately this product is no longer available


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Music here, PC there without wires

  • Stream high-quality music from your PC to the audio system

    Stream music from your PC to your audio system in high quality. Listen on your audio system to music files stored on the PC. Select songs from your music collection according to artist, album or genre.

  • Enjoy music files from your PC wirelessly on your stereo

    Bring music stored on your PC to your stereo via a wireless connection and enjoy it anywhere in your home.

  • Choose your favorite Internet music to fit your mood

    Choose by genre from thousands of Internet music stations to fit your mood. Personalise Internet Radio to your music preferences.

  • Internet upgradeable to keep your product up-to-date

    New features, functions and media formats automatically downloaded over the Intenet via a broadband connection straight into your device.

  • Access to Internet Music Entertainment

    A broadband Internet connection gives you access to a huge collection of music content that is live streamed from the Internet to your Wireless Music Link. Today's selection of Internet Entertainment consists of: - 1,000s of Internet Radio stations - Access to almost any music genre - Personalized Internet Audio - create your own station - Free and subscription based services - My Streams gives access to any MP3 format radio station on the web

  • Local LCD display for easy navigation

    Local LCD display facilitates easy navigation through your music collection.

  • Control all the functions you need with fingertip ease

    Infra-red remote control provides the most convenient way to control the device without leaving your chair.

  • Gain easy access to your list of favorite content

    You can create a list in which you mark or unmark your favorite content using the remote control. Then simply use the list to quickly playback this content.

  • Wireless RF communication based on open IEEE802.11 standard

    The WiFi standard means that no wires need to be installed between PC devices, PC peripherals and audio/video equipment located in different rooms.

  • UPnP enables various devices to communicate with each other

    UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) refers to a networking protocol that allows various devices to communicate with eachother. Devices that can play certain content (pictures, audio or video files) can make themselves know on the network and can link into datastores that hold these files. A file can then be exchanged to enjoy a seamless entertainment experience.

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