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Uninterruptible power supply

    Uninterruptible power supply

    30 min. runtime

    This advanced battery back-up features s-OV technology to isolate, regulate and protect your connected equipment. Offering genuine surge protection, it is the only UPS with UL surge protection listing. See all benefits

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Uninterruptible power supply

Battery back-up, 8 outlets SPB9160WA/17 Find similar products

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30 min. runtime

Back up your computer system

  • 1-line splitter

    These connectors route the telephone line through the surge protector and split the line to allow two devices to be connected. It offers the convenience of leaving two devices connected constantly even though they may not be used simultaneously

  • Data line/phone protection

    These connectors accommodate either an RJ45 or an RJ11 cord. They route either line through the surge protector to guard against spikes and surges that may occur in the data or phone lines.

  • Phone/data jack

    MOVs or sidactor are used for protecting the phone or network lines.They protect against surges/spikes through the phone or network lines.

  • 600VA, 300W

    This power rating advises how much total power you are able to back up without overloading the battery.

  • s-OV technology

    This technology automatically senses an overvoltage and reacts quickly by completely disconnecting power from the main source, while continually delivering power to connected equipment from battery power. Power will be automatically reconnected to the main source once the surge event is over.

  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

    Provides consistently clean power. Adjusts power to the nominal level if the input power is a too high or low.

  • Auto shutdown software

    Ensures that all open files are saved and computer shuts down safely without completely draining the battery

  • $1,000,000 connected equipment warranty

    Protects your connected equipment for the life of the product.

  • 6 ft power cord

    Provides power to the unit which can be 6 feet from the AC outlet.

  • Audible alarm

    This audible alert sounds when the device has reached capacity and is no longer protecting your connected components.

  • 6 ft USB cable

    Connects computer to UPS so that power monitor and auto shutdown can be executed.

  • LED indicators for information at a glance

    These LED indicators inform you of unit status at a glance

  • Phone cord

    Allows you to connect a phone or fax machine

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