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    Portable webcam for laptops

    Communicate anywhere, anytime, in any conditions. Its unique bendable gooseneck plugs into your laptop and its built-in light lets you work in the dark. Once you've finished - slide back the protective lens cover, fold it up and go!

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Portable webcam for laptops

With lens cover and work light

  • Automatic Picture Optimizer for super image quality

    The Automatic Picture Optimizer helps you get the most out of your webcam by automatically adjusting the camera and image settings to match the light available.

  • Smooth image with 30 frames per second video

    Sit back and enjoy superior viewing with 30 frames per second video. This gives you smoother video images and a better all-round video-chatting experience.

  • Bendable gooseneck for precise aiming

    This strong and flexible neck is the perfect compliment to your laptop webcam. Move it exactly where you want it and it stays there! Once you're ready to move, you can neatly curl it of fold it up in any shape - making it even more convenient to tuck away in any bag.

  • Super VGA resolution for high-quality images

    The webcam captures Video Graphics Array (VGA) quality (640x480) snapshots and flicker-free video clips for video mails. With VGA resolution, your webcam becomes a professional level camera. Add high quality photos to documents, webpages and e-mails in an instant, or print out photo-quality images.

  • Take, archive and manage images & V-mails with VLounge

    Software for capturing, managing and archiving snapshots and video clips in a very convenient way. With just a couple of mouse clicks you will able to create and send Video mails. This software package gives you all you need to take full advantage of your Philips webcam.

  • Compatible with MSN, Skype and other free messaging services

    The webcam and its software have been designed with all messaging systems in mind. Add video to Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, AOL Messenger and other free messenging services. It also works with Windows Messenger and NetMeeting for multi-person video-conferencing and is designed to be future-proof.

  • Installation manager for easy set-up

    Install your webcam in seconds with the handy Installation Manager. Just follow the easy, step by step instructions and you'll have the webcam set up to match your computer perfectly.

  • Integrated work light illuminates you or your keyboard

    Lights, camera, action! The webcam's handy built-in light can be used to illuminate your laptop's keyboard, making working in dimly lit areas more enjoyable. It also makes video chatting in low light possible.

  • Compatible with all available imaging software

    The webcam works with all available free and professional imaging software. Take a snapshot or a still picture from your video and open it with any image program.

  • Sliding lens cover protects your camera when not in use

    A sleeve on the webcam's body smoothly slides over the lens when the webcam is not in use for extra protection. The cover also slides down to reveal and activate the handy keyboard light.

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