Wireless A/V transmitter

    Wireless A/V transmitter

    Send A/V signals wirelessly

    Wirelessly transmit audio and video from a TV, satellite receiver, cable TV or DVD player to a remote TV anywhere in your home. Works through walls and floors with full two-way remote control from anywhere in the house.


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Send A/V signals wirelessly

to a remote TV

  • Transmit a/v signals

    Send audio/video signals on a 2.4 gHz frequency from their source to a remote TV location within your home.

  • 7-device IR/RF remote control

    Conveniently control your choice of signal source component from a remote location

  • Effective up to 125 ft

    Enjoy full function remote control up to a distance of 125 ft

  • Full bandwidth hi-fi stereo

    Enjoy uncompromised sound in a different room from your stereo system or computer

  • Plug & Play for easier installation

    Plug & Play gives you the ability to install or add a new component and have it work without having to perform any complex installation procedure or technical analysis.

  • External AC power supply

    Convenient external power supply powers hub so there is no drain on the computer.

  • Environmentally friendly lead-free construction

    Lead-free construction of environmentally friendly materials.

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