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Universal remote control

    Universal remote control

    8 device universal remote

    8 device remote control perfect for use with DSS and cable set top boxes. Big button keypad. Buttons included in this remote are designed for advance operation of cable box products. See all benefits

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8 device universal remote

Set top box use

  • Big buttons increase operability and readability

    Big buttons are larger size buttons on a remote to help read the label better. Additionally, pressing the button becomes more convenient, as the size has increased by 2 mm compared to the standard button remote size.

  • Adds many more buttons like chapter scan, thumbs up/down, et

    If you have a DVR whether free standing or included in a set top box, the standard set of buttons are on our remotes in order to properly operate the DVR. This includes all the standard, play, stop, fast forward, etc., along with T central, thumbs up/down, and volume up/down, and repeat.

  • Dash key allows you to access off air digital channels

    Regardless of make or model of the new digital television you just bought, or one you have owned for some time, you want to enjoy the great picture, on all channels. With the dash (-) key, you get access to all digital channels to enjoy for may years.

  • Uses LED's to light up every button on the remote

    Can't see in the dark. Try pressing small buttons on a remote when you can't see the keys. Change that with back lighting that light up the keys so you can see the keys as if it were the middle of the day. Small LCD lights are attached to the circuit board, that light up the keys, when you press the light button

  • Environmentally friendly lead-free construction

    Lead-free construction of environmentally friendly materials.

  • Learning copies favorite functions from original remotes

    To have your 5 fovorite functions of your original remote available you can copy the signal transmitted from the original remote. If these are your/or your kids favorite channels you can even lock the remote to see any of the other channels.

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