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    My Avent sterilizer's heating plate shows white/brown spots

    If you see white or brown spots on the appliance (heating element in the base, baskets, lid) or on your sterilized items this means scale has built up.

    1.This is normal and occurs more quickly in hard water areas.
    2.This is harmless to your health but does not look nice and causes deposits in hot water systems.
    3.Descale the sterilizer to ensure that it continues to work effectively.


    Note: In the UK you can find hard water with the equivalent of 200mg of calcium carbonate (lime scale).

    In hard water you also find a high mineral content which could affect its color.

    Heating causes the dissolved calcium and magnesium bicarbonates to break down to form a solid carbonate lime scale.

    Pure scale from hard water is white in color, but scale can become colored by traces of other minerals or metals.

    For instance, traces of chopper in plumbing can turn it grey, green or blue while traces of rust from the water pipe network could turn it to brown or black.