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    Not enough / no pasta is coming out of my Philips Pasta Maker

    Published on 25 August 2023
    If no pasta is coming out during extrusion, the mixing paddle is running idle or too much leftover dough remains inside the mixing chamber of your Philips Pasta Maker, follow the steps below to solve the issue.
    It is very important that the flour/liquid ratio is correct, so that the dough shows crumbly consistency (see image below).
    If the dough is too wet or too dry, the Pasta Maker cannot extrude the dough optimally.
    In this case, discard the dough and re-start the pasta making. Ensure to follow the correct liquid to flour ratios as indicated in the User Manual. Use a kitchen scale to accurately measure the liquid and the flour.
    Perfect dough
    Pour the liquid slowly, only through the holes of the lid, while the Pasta Maker is kneading.
    • Do not pour liquid directly into the mixing chamber.
    • Do not pour the liquid before the Pasta Maker starts running.

    Follow the steps as indicated in the User Manual:
    1. Pour the flour into the mixing chamber.
    2. Attach the lid onto the mixing chamber.
    3. Start the mixing process.
    4. After the mixing starts, slowly pour in the liquid along the entire length of the slot of the lid into the mixing chamber. 
    If there is leftover dough in the mixing chamber after the automatic pasta program has finished:
    1. Unplug the appliance
    2. Open the mixing chamber lid
    3. Gently scrape the leftovers with a kitchen tool from the mixing chamber walls and paddle.
    4. After switching on again, select the Extrusion only program to extrude the remaining pasta dough.

    Important: Unplug your Pasta Maker from the power supply before approaching parts that move in use. Never reach into the mixing chamber when the appliance is plugged in.

    Did these steps not solve the issue? Please contact us for further assistance.
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