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    The pasta from my Philips pasta maker breaks easily

    Published on 09 March 2023
    If your Philips Pasta Maker's pasta breaks easily, do not worry: just follow these tips and tricks.
    Difference between wrong and right pasta consistency - Philips pasta maker
    If the flour/water ratio used is not the recommended one, your pasta might break. 

    To solve this, unplug your Pasta Maker from the power source and discard the dough.

    Then clean the appliance and follow these instructions to restart the pasta making process (please refer to the chapter “Using the Pasta Maker” in the User Manual for more detailed steps):
    1. Prepare the ingredients.
    2. Remove the chamber lid.
    3. Pour the flour in the chamber.
    4. Close the chamber lid properly.
    5. Use the “Pasta-making recipe table” and measure the required amount of water.

    If the water to flour ratio is correct the dough should have the following consistency:

    It should be crumbly and appear rather dry. This consistency is needed as with the extrusion forces this is then turned in the perfect pasta dough. 

    Note:Use a kitchen scale to measure the flour weight more accurately.
    Your dough should look like this:
    Perfect dough
    For ideal results use all-purpose flour or flour with higher protein content (for more information, please refer to the chapter 'Using the Pasta Maker' in the User Manual or the available recipe book).

    Note: Use a kitchen scale to measure the flour weight more accurately.
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