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    Philips Support

    The display of my Philips Wake-Up Light is too bright

    Published on 2021-11-15
    Find out what can be done if the display of your Wake-Up Light is too bright.

    Adjust the settings of the Wake-Up Light

    You can adjust the display contrast that is optimal for you to see the display at night. The Wake-Up Light automatically adjust the contrast level when the light in your bedroom becomes brighter.

    Switch the display of the Wake-Up Light off

    You can switch off the display completely by pressing the display button (see picture below), in case you do not want any light - including time indication - coming from the Wake-Up Light.
    Display on/off button Philips Somneo

    Quick view function of the Wake-Up Light display

    To check the time or select a function while the display is off, just place your hand near the display and it will turn on for a few seconds.

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