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    The suction of my manual breast pump is too low or too high

    Published on 05 July 2024
    If your Philips Avent manual breast pump does not seem to have the right suction, see the tips below on how you can resolve this issue.
    If you are experiencing low suction, first check the valve (the slit should be fully closed) and membranes. Inspect them for damage, like cracks, holes, or tears, and make sure the pieces are clean and assembled according to the user manual. 
    If one of the parts is damaged, discontinue use and purchase a replacement via philips.com/support or your local contact center.

    Expert tip:
    Before pumping, try to warm the breast with a hot towel or massage it to stimulate the areola so that the breast is completely unblocked. Make sure that the breast pump is positioned correctly on the breast, the nipple in the center, to allow a seal between the breast pump and the breast. 
    You can regulate the pump's suction by depressing the handle at varying distances. It will give you complete control over the amount of suction that works best for you. 
    If you are experiencing too much suction, try pushing the handle down only halfway when expressing. You do not need to push the handle all the way down to achieve suction.

    If you continue to have trouble with the breast pump, contact your healthcare professional.
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