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From planning to expanding, SymphonySuite is the expert by your side for OBLs and ASCs.

Your one stop for office-based labs and ambulatory surgery centers

Philips SymphonySuite is the industry leader in opening an office-based lab (OBL) and ambulatory surgery center (ASCs) with the experience, and high-performing, specialized equipment and interventional devices that physicians can trust, dependable ongoing support, unique rewards programs and our knowledgeable team who can help them choose the right people at the right time.

Discover how Philips SymphonySuite can help you open or grow you practice with everything in one place:

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Philips patient monitors


SymphonySuite brings together all the essential equipment needed to run an office-based lab or ambulatory surgery center.  

Philips patient monitors helps clinicians make informed decisions, reduce variation in care delivery and lower costs.

Additional equipment brought together through SymphonySuite for a one-stop solution include: 

  • Power injectors
  • Tables
  • Cath lab stands
  • Carts
  • And more
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Imaging systems
Imaging systems

Imaging systems

Philips is the leader in image-guided therapy, providing integrated solutions that advance minimally invasive procedures. Our comprehensive portfolio of fixed and mobile imaging systems through SymphonySuite help treat patients in office-based lab settings to optimize care delivery and reduce total costs.

SymphonySuite brings you intelligent ultrasound solutions for diagnostic work ups and vascular access that enable swift and confident decision making in office-based  lab settings with exceptional image quality.

Our systems come with dedicated and responsive service teams, in addition to robust service agreements and trade-in opportunities.³

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Devices system



As a healthcare provider, your focus is on improving treatment for every patient, every time. With SymphonySuite we help you achieve that goal with our interventional devices for office-based setting. 

Our integrated solutions advance the art of minimally invasive procedures for patients with coronary artery disease, or peripheral artery disease to help you decide, guide, treat and confirm the right therapy for the right patient at the point of care.

Our innovative devices for office-based labs include:

  • IVUS catheters
  • Mechanical and laser atherectomy devices
  • Specialty and scoring balloons
  • Dissection repair device
  • Thrombectomy system
  • Physiology (iFR/FFR) pressure measurement
  • And more 
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Reward programs
Reward program

Reward programs

We offer cost-effective solutions for optimal equipment management and creative plans tailored to fit each customer’s needs. Through use of our industry-leading interventional devices you can pay down your equipment loan with a personalized reward program.1

SymphonySuite’s reward programs are designed to lessen financial risk for entrepreneurial physicians so they can upgrade, grow and innovate with confidence.
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Business consulting
Business consulting

Business consulting


SymphonySuite is invested in your success. From architectural and construction offerings to reimbursement and coding guidance, our experienced team of experts help you with every aspect of starting your OBL or ASC. 

Additional expert consultation is available for certificate of need, accreditation, certifications and licenser support. The SymphonySuite team can help you minimize the administrative hassles of opening or expanding your practice. 

SymphonySuite can also provide 3D renderings and blueprints to help ensure your lab is set up in the most efficient manner and captures your vision for your office-based lab or ambulatory surgery center.

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Capital financing
Capital financing

Capital financing


Providing quality care to a growing patient population is putting more pressure than ever on capital budgets. 

However with SymphonySuite, you have the option of flexible and personalized financing packages through our partner, Philips Medical Capital, for your office-based lab essentials.²

Philips Medical Capital is here to help, with innovative financing solutions tailored for office-based labs with a commitment to simplicity, industry expertise and a reliable source of funds.

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Training image



Using a new piece of equipment can be have learning curves and provide challenges for you and your staff. 


To help with learning curves, SymphonySuite has developed robust programs to provide the information and training needed for an efficient lab. 

Our training programs have been developed to provide easy-to-experience programs that are focused on your needs. Beyond the actual training events, SymphonySuite provides continued training support through training tips and guidelines, as well as ongoing access to online resources.

Clinical support icon
Clinical and technical support
Clinical and technical support

Clinical and technical support  


SymphonySuite’s ongoing customer care support does not stop when your equipment gets delivered.

Our team of experts are here to make sure that you have the support you need during live cases and that your equipment is functioning optimally to minimize downtime and get more from your investments.  


SymphonySuite’s responsive clinical and technical support team help resolve issues quickly so you can focus on providing patient care.

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Remote patient care
Image of doctor reviewing documents

Remote patient care  


Philips SymphonySuite brings you a combination of tools to help you provide patient care in the evolving remote environment to meet your patients’ and lab’s needs. Our telehealth-enabled program helps you track discharged patients daily, minimizing their chances of health decline or being readmitted by monitoring their health remotely to identify symptoms and enable early intervention. Our Patient Engagement Manager optimizes communication between you and your patients with a customizable navigation solution, allowing patients to complete their pre-appointment tasks, show up on-time, and continue to follow care plan instructions.

My experience with Philips SymphonySuite - Dr. Fadi Saab
Hear Dr. Saab discuss how partnering with SymphonySuite helped him achieve his goal of owning his own lab.

The autonomy of owning your own practice is inviting. Going it alone is not.


Philips SymphonySuite orchestrates the many details of opening and expanding an office-based lab (OBL) and ambulatory surgery center (ASC), freeing physicians to spend their time on patient care and on finding a better work-life balance. 

SymphonySuite, the industry leader in opening and expanding OBLs and ASCs

We are invested in your success and share your passion for your office-based lab or ambulatory surgery center. Our network of experts will help guide you with operational advice and offer training, ongoing customer care, services and a team of partners – all with one convenient point of contact. 
  • Industry-leading expertise
  • Experience with location selection and office layout design
  • Business consulting expertise 
  • Network of experienced third party contractors 
  • Ongoing clinical support and technical support 
  • Experienced project management team
  • Capital finalizing through Philips Medical Capital2
  • Unique rewards programs1
  • Personalized packages
Rewards program consultation

Reward programs

SymphonySuite’s expanded programs are designed to lessen financial risk for entrepreneurial physicians so they can upgrade, grow and innovate with confidence. We offer cost-effective solutions for optimal equipment management and creative payment plans tailored to fit each customer’s budget.1

Receive a tailored consultation. Reach out and we will have a rep contact you.
Foluso Fakorede

Grow and innovate with confidence

"We had to be able to understand what the ideal equipment to purchase was, how to incorporate capital equipment, disposables, and how to reduce costs upfront. We started with cadence program from day one. It was very enticing to know that whatever we were putting in is applied to the purchasing cost. That is a win. It lets us take more risks and to expand. Initially we had one C-arm, and now we have two, all because of cadence. I love having one person who can offer a solution; that gives me time and autonomy."

Foluso Fakorede, MD
Fusion Vascular
Cleveland, MS

The right package makes your office-based lab or ambulatory surgery center possible 

Philips SymphonySuite customizes packages for equipment and devices depending on your goals and needs for minimally invasive procedures in the outpatient setting. With our image-guided therapy systems we aim to improve patient outcomes and save lives by removing barriers to help you achieve safer, more effective, and more reproducible treatments for relevant clinical value where it is needed most - at the point of patient treatment. Our packages help open doors to new procedures and techniques that truly make a difference to people’s lives while driving growth and reducing the cost of care.
Image of the most innovative streamlined products

Best-in-class innovations and products for streamlined procedures

Discover the high-performing interventional devices and equipment for office-based lab (OBL) or ambulatory surgery center (ASC) that help treat patients with peripheral vascular disease or coronary artery disease.
Trade-in and trade-up infographic

Trade in. Trade up. 


Philips is a trusted trade-in partner with 20+ years of trade-in experience. Our eco-friendly trade-in program is available for existing or new Philips SymphonySuite customers, and is part of an integrated eco-system of solutions that provides great value for office-based labs or ambulatory surgery centers.³


We will handle the administrative hassles of the trade-in, saving you time and money, so you can focus on your patients.

* Available only for coronary procedures on IntraSight 5 or 7

1. Not all customers will qualify. Subject to program agreement.

2. Certain credit conditions are required and every customer must be credit approved by PMC. Not all customers will qualify. Subject to program agreement.

3. Certain conditions are required and not all products will qualify.


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