Oncology informatics

See beyond complexities to unite specialties for precision diagnosis and personalized cancer care pathways

    Cancer care is complex. Cancer consists of many different diseases and affects every patient uniquely. With diagnostic and treatment advances and more options available for targeted and personalized care, this complexity is ever-increasing.


    At Philips, we understand the challenges and are dedicated to helping shape a world with better cancer care, reducing the burden of cancer for both clinicians and patients. Our expertise and innovations build dedicated solutions bringing clarity to complexity, connecting and streamlining workflows across the entire patient journey, by integrating patient data from disparate systems, helping clinicians deliver personalized high-quality cancer care.

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    Recognizing the growing need for technological advancement in comprehensive oncology care (from early detection to diagnosis to treatment to survivorship), Philips vision to become an innovation leader in precision medicine with personalized patient/clinician-centered solutions that connect areas such as pathology, genomics, molecular/multi-disciplinary tumor boards, therapy decision making, molecular phenotyping, and more.

    The power of a connected ecosystem

    Our Oncology Informatics solutions provide the right information at the right time, enabling early detection, precise diagnosis and accurate staging, empowering clinical decisions with timely, actionable data, ensuring evidence-based, personalized decisions, guide treatment precisely and timely therapy assessment.

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    Oncology Pathways gives clinicians peace of mind ensuring the relevant patient data from the LCO dashboard is matched to the latest therapy options, cancer care guidelines and evidence-based pathways including active clinical trials, adherence, and enrolment. As a result, all oncologists have visibility of the recommended pathways for each patient.

    Philips Genomics Workspace is a cloud-based solution that brings together patient genomic data with disease histology, clinical phenotype, treatment options, and clinical trials for a comprehensive biomarker-informed view These results are then integrated back our Multi-Disciplinary Tumor Board and the EMR.

    Streamline your clinical workflow by integrating EMR, lab, radiology, pathology and genomics information into one comprehensive oncology patient view.


    The Multidisciplinary Team Orchestrator, integrates all relevant data from across disparate systems into one comprehensive patient/tumor dashboard - all available with ‘one-click’ access on a single platform.

    Lung Cancer Orchestrator (LCO) provides a complete workflow solution from patient registration, validation and testing.

    The solution drives early detection of lung cancer by supporting screening programs as well as incidental pulmonary nodule management.

    Oncology Informatics

    Partnering to enhance cancer care

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    Philips Oncology Pathways Powered by Dana-Farber’s world-class content

    Treating cancer is increasingly difficult as new data sources have provided a set of ever more complex treatment options from new drugs to genomic data. Clinical decision support within Oncology from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, in Boston, powers complex cancer care, by enabling more personalized care plans for patients, while taking into account the various treatment options available. Dana-Farber is sharing its clinical decision support logic with Philips to bring enhanced cancer care to the oncology community.

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    How Philips is disrupting healthcare – The Atlantic and AWS Re:think series

    The series “Disrupting Within” tackles the question: How does a company make that quarter turn with technology to stay competitive? Watch our AWS sponsored video on not only how Philips has managed to disrupt healthcare, but how our Oncology Pathways powered by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute manages to use innovative technology to bring patients to the center of their evidence-based care.

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    Philips and MD Anderson Collaboration

    Our Genomics Workspace enables general hospitals, laboratories, and university medical centers to tap into the expertise and treatment guidance of one of the world’s foremost cancer centers. Philips connects oncologists and pathologists around the world to MD Anderson’s extensive Precision Oncology Decision Support (PODS) system of actionable clinical information and clinical trial matching.

    Virtual tumor board to enable collaborative decision making

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    Digital Pathology

    Pathologists are able to open their cases to explain tumor annotations, corresponding quantitative data, and their diagnosis.


    Access radiology images and annotations.


    Genomic biomarker information.

    Advanced visualization

    Advanced visualization for enhanced clinical decision support.

    Oncology Pathways

    In partnership with:

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    Partner with a healthcare IT leader


    Philips HealthSuite is an open platform of services, capabilities and tools designed to inspire and enable the development of next generation connected health and wellness innovations. HealthSuite is purpose-built for healthcare. The health-optimized infrastructure allows for seamless integration with existing health enterprise ecosystems. Learn more by watching our video.

    Philips integrated healthcare

    Philips Oncology Informatics in the news

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    Journal of Precision medicine

    Philips vision is to become a leader in innovating precision medicine solutions that connect areas such as pathology, genomics, and molecular phenotyping molecular for personalized therapy decision making.


    To learn more about this platform, we connected with Louis Culot, General Manager, Oncology Informatics and Genomics, and Dr. Qi Wei, Genomic Subject Matter Expert.

    Journal of clinical pathways

    Journal of Clinical Pathways

    Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with Kenna Shaw, PhD, cancer genomics laboratory, MD Anderson, and Louis Culot, general manager, genomics and oncology informatics, Philips, to better understand the PODS system and how this collaboration will improve patient care worldwide.

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    Oncology Pathways is also known as the Oncology Pathways Navigator. The Oncology Pathways name will be applicable as of ISPM V5.3.

    Genomics Workspace current product name is Pathology Genomics Workspace and Oncology Genomics Workspace. The name of the product will change to Genomics Workspace with the release of ISPM V5.3, subject to regulatory approval.

    IntelliSpace Precision Medicine is an information management software only. It does not have the ability to diagnose disease, prescribe treatment, monitor prognosis, alleviate disease, or any other tasks that are constitutive of the practice of medicine.

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