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    Why not start a day fresh by waking up to a beloved photo, favorite tune or even sound of nature? The Philips Clock Radio AJL303 lets you view photos and listen to music from your SD card. Also enjoy music on the built-in FM radio.


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Wake up to your favorite music and photos

  • Wake up to sounds of nature and start a fresh new day

    Many of alarm clocks feature a variety of alarm choices. What is special about this Philips Clock radio is that it awakens you to nature sounds, radio or the traditional alarm buzzer. No matter what your alarm clock needs, whether it's a stress free awakening with natural sounds or your favorite music, this clock radio has it all.

  • Preloaded relaxation music lets you fall asleep peacefully

    Relax or fall asleep to peaceful sounds. The Philips Clock radio is preloaded with a number of relaxation music pieces. Simply choose from rain showers, ocean waves, spa music and more, to enjoy in relaxed comfort.

  • Gentle wake for a pleasant wake up experience

    Start your day right by waking up gently to a gradually escalating alarm volume. Normal alarm sounds with a preset volume are either too low to wake you up or are so uncomfortably loud that you are rudely jolted awake. Choose to wake up to your favorite music, radio station or buzzer alarm. Gentle wake's alarm volume gradually increases from subtly low to reasonably high in order to gently rouse you.

  • FM digital tuning with presets

    Digital FM radio offers you additional music options to your music collection on your Philips audio system. Simply tune into the station that you want to preset, press and hold the preset button to memorize the frequency. With preset radio stations that can be stored, you can quickly access your favorite radio station without having to manually tune the frequencies each time.

  • Dual alarm time

    The Philips audio system comes with two alarm times. Set one alarm time to wake you up and the other to wake up your partner.

  • 8.9 cm (3.5") display for time, date and radio info viewing

    The 8.9 cm (3.5") color high resolution color screen enables easy readability of the content on the screen. Now you can read the time, date and information of the radio stations easily. You can also display your favor photo as the background image.

  • Enjoy music or radio broadcast while viewing photos

    Enjoy viewing your photos while listening to your favorite music or FM radio station. Simply select "Photo with music" from the menu, then sit back and enjoy them both at the same time. The Philips Clock radio comes with USB and SD memory card slots so you can play your favorite MP3 and WMA music through the clock radio, and view your favorite digital images on the LCD display.

  • Play your favorite photos and slideshows by your bedside

    Store your favorite photos on an SD card and play them in slideshow on your Philips Clock radio. Thanks to the complete file transferability, you can easily enjoy the convenience and fun of showing digital photos via the SD card slot. Simply insert your memory card on your Philips Clock radio, your digital photos will be played directly on the device. Now you can relive your favorite moments with family and friends anytime you want!

  • SD card slot for photo or MP3 music playback

    The Philips Clock radio comes with SD memory card slot so you can play your favorite MP3 music through the speakers of clock radio out loud.

  • Wake up with the photos of your beloved ones

    The Philips Clock radio comes with an easy to use feature that enables you to display your favorite photo as a background of the clock. When you wake up in the morning, you don't only see the time but also the photo of your beloved ones by your bedside. What a nice way to start a new day!

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